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Post MVA Physical Therapy in Belle Vernon-Fayette City

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating to you and your family. It is important to get treatment that reduces muscle guarding post accident. Muscle guarding is your body’s natural reactionary response when you have perceived trauma. Your body’s first reaction is to protect and the reactionary mechanism is to protect by firing its muscles. Muscle guarding unfortunately has some negative consequences after the trauma has occurred. Muscle spasm and tension will occur, causing pain and discomfort in the areas injured. Our job is to perform a thorough examination to address pathologies present post accident.

What common injuries do we treat after a motor vehicle accident in Belle Vernon-Fayette City?

We treat conditions sustained from Motor Vehicle Accidents such as

  • Crushing injury
  • Fractures
  • Neck/back pain or any other orthopedic pain
  • Nerve injury
  • Post surgical

What else should I know?

We keep up to date thorough documentation on each visit so that the claim auto insurance has access. We will provide documentation with authorization to anyone dealing with your specific case and make sure we keep an eye on monetary limits from auto insurance. Keep in mind that your regular health insurance will pick up treatment costs once auto insurance benefits are exhausted.

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Belle Vernon is a borough in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. It is situated along the Monongahela River. Fayette City is a borough in Fayette CountyPennsylvania, United States. It is served by the Belle Vernon Area School District

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