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Frequently asked questions

Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel your everyday function is starting to become affected you shouldn’t waste more time. Schedule a free consult or an examination to determine if you are a good candidate for PT services. A licensed physical therapist will perform an examination to determine if PT services will help you. Remember you do not need a prescription to see a PT (except for Medicare patients).

NO! In the state of Pennsylvania you can save time and money by seeing a physical therapist first with no prescription required. After treatment for 30 days you may be required to get a prescription. If you are a patient insured by Medicare, it is a workers comp case, or a motor vehicle accident, you are required to get a prescription for physical therapy before you receive PT services.

At Elite PT & Wellness you can expect to have eyes on you at all times during your stay. You will have hands on therapy 1:1 with a licensed doctor of physical therapy, perform supervised exercise, and will have access to use of several modalities to control pain and improve your symptoms. You can expect your physical therapist to educate you on your issue and educate you on what you need to do to get better…faster. As always, we want YOUR feedback with treatment as well.

Our wellness programs are fee-based and affordable, and include payment plan options. Our wellness programs help patients maintain good health and improve all aspects of performing activities of daily living . For athletes, our wellness programs maximize performance goals. Our wellness plans are customizable and come in packages to better suit the patient’s finacial needs. This service is separate from physical therapy services covered by insurance.