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What Modalities Do We Use?

We have a variety of modalities to improve overall healing response of tissue. Our modalities are listed below.

  • Ultrasound- this modality is used to reduce inflammation and break up/reduce damaged frayed tissue in a particular area. It is best suited for superficial tissue such as the achilles tendon, elbow tendon, and patellar tendon
  • Electrical stimulation- This modality reduces pain by blocking pain receptors and can also be used to improve/awaken neuromuscular contraction post nerve block/injury
  • Cervical traction- This unit provides sustained pull with a controllable dial to allow distraction of the neck, which will allow decompression to the neck joint. This is primarily used with neck pain, disc issues, and nerve impingement
  • Game ready machine (TM/CC)- this machine provides air compression along with cold therapy to significantly reduce inflammation over your joint. This is a great modality to use post surgically
  • Normatec recovery sleeves TM/CC (Vasoneumatic device)- these sleeves are designed to reduce lower extremity inflammation and improve oxygenated blood flow to your legs by reducing lactic acid buildup in your muscles
  • Hot/cold therapy- depending on method of injury and time frame hot and cold therapy can be beneficial in improving inflammation, reducing soft tissue tension, and reducing pain